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Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Johannes Schildt | CEO, KRY

"Having the expertise of Project A helped us take the next step from startup to scale up."

Kry has taken telemedicine to the next level enabling people across Europe to see a doctor without actually having to go to one. We first invested in Kry’s seed round. Since then Kry has become a European unicorn in the digital healthcare market.

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Thuy-Ngan Trinh | CMO, Project A

"It’s not one big thing you will do in order to scale, but the addition of many, many small things that will make the difference."

Project A was asked to help Kry become more efficient with performance marketing. Our marketing team jumped in and supported Kry to accelerate growth and set the foundation for scalability across markets.

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David Nothacker | CEO, sennder

"Whenever you encounter a problem with scaling your organization, you can count on Project A to have the right people to help you solve it."

sennder is an incredible success story: The company became Europe’s leading digital freight forwarder in only a couple of years. Rising to the status of unicorn in 2021, we continue to support sennder, having invested early on at seed stage.

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Boris Lokschin | Co-CEO, Spryker

"Spryker and Project A go way back. Their operational approach is a real product for entrepreneurs who want more than just venture capital."

Founded in 2014, Spryker enables companies to build sophisticated transactional business models in unified commerce including B2B, B2C, and Enterprise Marketplaces. It is the most modern platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution with headless & API-based architecture that is cloud and enterprise-ready. We have been part of their journey since their very beginning.

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Christian Hecker | CEO, Trade Republic

"Project A has been a staunch supporter of Trade Republic accompanying us in critical moments of our rapid development.”

Trade Republic is Europe’s mobile-first commission free broker. Its mission is to democratize access to capital markets and close the European pension gap. After raising one of the largest funding rounds in Europe, Trade Republic now ranks among the highest valued FinTechs.

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Andrea Althaus | VP Talent Acquisition, Project A

"We helped Trade Republic hire over 50 talents with a dedicated team of our recruiters and sourcers selected for their ability to drive company growth."

Our Talent Acquisition team collaborated with Trade Republic on one of the most important things for a startup: hire the right bright-minded and talented people. The operational support includes the entire recruitment process from setting up the recruiting plan to sourcing and hiring.

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About Project A

Project A invests in digital companies that challenge the status quo of their industries. With over $600M of assets under management, we start with investments of $1M to $8M and reserve up to $30M for future rounds, from pre-seed to Series A and beyond.

In addition to capital, we provide our portfolio companies with exclusive operational support by our team of 100 in-house experts including all areas across product, growth, data and people. Since 2012 Project A has invested in more than 70+ companies all over the world.



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