Investment Scope

First and foremost, we invest in teams. We seek out entrepreneurs with passion, focused execution and tenacious ambition.
We respect authenticity as the way to sustainable success. We don't pretend to be anyone we are not and expect the same from the founders we back. We know the path to success is bumpy and are in it for the long run.

Our current EUR 140m fund focuses primarily on Europe. We tend to be among the first institutional investors in companies (Seed & Series A) and like to lead or co-lead these early financing rounds. Initially, we invest between EUR 300k and EUR 5m and reserve up to EUR 10m for follow-on financings per company.

We back companies when we believe ourselves to be of value to them with our operational skill set, experience and network. We do not limit ourselves to specific themes, but there are always new trends, models, and technologies that catch our interest more than others. Here is a selection of ideas that we are currently thinking about a lot: