Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Project A empowers tomorrow’s digital winners.

Our Mission

We invest in excellent teams and foster expertise by providing operational support and creating an environment of success.

Our Values

Venture Success First
We put ourselves in the entrepreneur’s shoes and try to find what brings them forward.

Knowledge Sharing
We make our knowledge accessible within Project A, to the ventures and the world and share it actively.

Use Data & Think One Step Ahead
We are aware of the impact our decisions have.
We use data to inform our decisions.

Obligation to Dissent
We speak up despite hierarchies.
We welcome every idea.

No Assholes Allowed
We respect the people around us, we show appreciation and a positive mindset.
We treat everyone as we would like to be treated.

Reliable Partners
Ventures, investors and colleagues can rely on us, doing our best to achieve the ambitious goals we set and share.

Hands-on Working Style
We are informal and pragmatic.
We act fast, are accessible and open across teams.

Fix Now, Don’t Complain Later
We focus on solutions, not problems.
We make the change we want to see.

Change Is Good
We never stop improving.
We are open and try new ways.
We are courageous to act and reinvent ourselves.

Embrace Diversity
We welcome everybody to work with us.
As a diverse team, we are stronger and can deliver the best support for our companies.

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