In the scope of our operational approach, it is of paramount importance to us that we share our tested knowledge and insight from our years of experience with our portfolio companies and that we support them in the creation of the necessary technical infrastructure. For this reason, our teams in the fields of business intelligence, IT & product, online marketing and organization building all work very closely with the founders and teams of our ventures and take on various on-board roles and tasks for limited periods of time until the company in question is able to stand on its own two feet.

Business Intelligence

For young companies, creating in-house competencies in the handling of data is of crucial importance from the very beginning of their existence.

Our business intelligence team deals with the systematic aggregation and analysis of data as well as the translation of said data into actionable value adding knowledge that enables our portfolio companies to make better strategic and operational decisions, for example in the areas of sales, operations, marketing or CRM.

With our own dedicated in-house data warehouse (DWH), which is precisely adapted to meet the needs of the individual company, the creation of reports and analyses on user and purchasing behaviour, website traffic and a host of other parameters is a simple, streamlined process. The DWH is the centerpiece of any data-driven company. The data gathered and processed there can be integrated seamlessly on the operational side – for example for the steering of marketing campaigns towards select user segments, for the technical implementation of product recommendations or for the performance optimization of campaigns.

IT & Product

We are convinced that a powerful and scalable IT infrastructure represents the core element of a sound digital business model.

Our diverse team of product managers, developers, system administrators, quality managers and designers develops user-friendly and efficient software solutions for a variety of application areas in collaboration with our portfolio companies.

In doing so, our developers pay strict attention to writing clean code that can be maintained with ease by the development teams at our portfolio companies. Additionally, we focus on conceiving lean, pragmatic architectures and, wherever possible, on making use of tried and tested open source components. New developments are continuously being integrated into our core systems, so that established innovations can be exploited in the scope of new projects.

The area of product management is in this regard the central interface between all IT teams, the founders of our portfolio companies and our own management team. This is where the interests and requirements of the individual areas come together. Product managers accompany every new product or feature from the initial idea through the specification phase all the way to implementation and beyond.

Online Marketing

Data-driven and performance-oriented marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) are among the most important growth factors for startups.

Project A’s staff includes experts in all of the relevant areas of performance marketing, such as search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO) and affiliate marketing as well as display und social media marketing. All of these specialists support our portfolio companies on strategic, tactical and operational levels in the planning, implementation and optimization of campaigns. In all of these areas, we work with a strong data-driven approach and in close collaboration with our BI team. In this manner, campaigns can already be fine tuned for greater effectiveness while they are still running. In addition to the continuous optimization of marketing activities, our online marketing team also supports our ventures in the implementation of tools for tracking and bid management.

Human Resources

Companies can only enjoy sustained long-term success if they have a strong team.

As a strategic partner, our HR team supports our ventures’ managing directors and their HR departments on numerous levels. In the scope of this process, the requirements concerning organization building and development vary depending on the current growth phase of the company in question. In a very early stage, the focus is on recruiting, selection of personnel and the assembly of the team, as well as on operational HR management. As the company grows, strategic tasks such as the creation and development of a strong upper management layer, the fostering of stable company structures, the implementation of further training measures for all employees and the introduction of regular feedback processes become more important.