With a team of experts we bring in our operational know-how and experience in success critical areas.

Business Intelligence

Based on robust data, our Business Intelligence team supports our ventures in taking business decisions regarding central corporate divisions, e.g. Sales, Operations or CRM.

Responsibilities of our BI team of experts include determining user behaviours on the ventures' websites, or measuring the performance of TV campaigns. Moreover, they provide the founders and employees of our portfolio companies with tools enabling them to process the collected data, and help them to implement and configure the required analysis software. Working closely together with our ventures, our BI experts identify potentials for each single business model, integrating the technical structures into the daily work of all divisions, and thus contributing to setting the course for our companies to successfully establish themselves on the market.

To achieve this goal, the most important tool is our proprietary Data Warehouse (DWH). DWH is a BI suite precisely adjusted to the requirements of the respective company, which offers features such as generating reports and analyses of buying patterns, website traffic, and much more. In addition, our DWH is also used for optimizing operations, for instance, functioning as a data source to adjust marketing campaigns to selected user segments.

Technically, our DWHs are based on proven open source technologies such as PostgreSQL and Mondrian. Being a part of Project A's IT department, our BI team of developers focuses on issues such as performance optimization, technical implementation of product recommendations, or machine learning. A close collaboration with other IT teams ensures an optimal integration into the system landscape; our DWHs are principally wholly integrated into the shop backend of our in-house e-commerce platform Yves & Zed.

IT & Product

Every digital business model is based on an efficient IT infrastructure – therefore it is crucial to our startups’ success.

This makes information technology one of our core areas of expertise. Project A employs more than 30 product managers, PHP, Java, Frontend, iOS and Android experts, as well as veteran system administrators, quality managers, technical editors, and designers. They all strive to develop and implement user-friendly and scalable software for our various progressive ventures.

We provide our ventures with customized and efficient technology solutions like our e-commerce platform Yves & Zed, our Java framework Scotty or our Mobile platform. We count on clean code, making the maintenance work of our ventures’ developer teams as easy as possible. Furthermore, we rely on lean, pragmatic architectures, and, wherever applicable, proven open source components. Our developers regularly import new developments into our core systems to ensure that new projects benefit from proven achievements and can then be further developed in close cooperation with product management. The product management team acts as a central interface for all IT teams as well as the founders, executives, or other areas of expertise. Our product managers evaluate, coordinate, and guide every new feature from the initial idea to its development to its implementation, and beyond.

We attach great importance to communicating about new technological developments and exchanging knowledge and experience, as we believe that innovation is only possible if we take the time to share our knowledge, for example at our weekly IT Jour Fixes and Devtalks. Here, our developers present their current projects and share their insights on new technologies with the other teams. We also discuss alternative approaches concerning elemental issues such as caching, software tests, or clean code. Being an expert means sharing knowledge – a statement we consider true also regarding our public appearance, e.g. with our techblog or with lectures at international conferences.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing is crucial for the success of online business models, like e-commerce or Software as a Service.

Project A employs experts for all relevant marketing areas including Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Affiliate, Display Marketing and Social Media. They support our ventures on a strategic, tactical, or operative level as well as regarding the planning, implementation and optimization of campaigns. Especially for startups, targeted and performance-oriented marketing measures are the key to find the right users online for the right products at the right price, eventually convincing them to buy.

We work in an extremely data-driven way in close cooperation with our Business Intelligence team. The data of our marketing campaigns can be evaluated while the campaign is still running its course, allowing for the optimization of measures by adjusting single parameters. Our experts support our ventures also when it comes to implementing tracking and BidManagement tools or carrying out ongoing success control.

Depending on the respective startup's business model, market, and stage of development we become involved at the operational level to a varying degree. At the same time, we help our ventures gradually develop in-house performance marketing know-how to attain viability and manage this area by themselves. So we focus a lot on sharing our knowledge, for example through trainings, workshops and coachings.

Our Online Marketing team consists of experienced specialists who are among the best in their field of expertise as well as young talents who – as digital natives – are always up-to-date and equally contribute their know-how to the team. We count on an intense exchange of knowledge and experience, internally and externally: At regular meetings or, during individual projects, we put our heads together to solve complex challenges and develop new solutions. Our experts regularly attend conferences, as a speaker or as a participant to learn about the latest industry trends and to exchange with peers.

Organization Building

Our work focuses on the establishment and constant further development of Project A and our ventures as high-performance organizations.

This primarily involves our experts who use their experience and personal initiative to make Project A and our ventures successful. For us, a good onboarding process is just as important as an intensive knowledge exchange among colleagues, a good team spirit and the continuous promotion of our experts through feedback, consulting, training and coaching.

As a strategic partner, our Organization Development team also supports the management board and the human resources specialists of our ventures at different levels. The requirements regarding the organizational development vary depending on the growth phase of the venture: During the early phases of a company, the focus is on recruiting, building up a strong team and culture, and on operational human resource management. As the company grows, strategic tasks such as the establishment and development of a strong leadership, the reinforcement of solid company structures and the training of staff at every level become increasingly important.