Investment Approach

We start our own projects and invest in existing teams and startups.

Seed- and Series A-Investments

Entrepreneurs choose Project A as a partner during Seed and Series A investment rounds to grow their companies through our investments as well as through know-how from our experts. We are always looking for exciting products, excellent teams and distinctive business models that we can support in such a way. We also engage in later stage companies if the specific Project A capabilities can create significant value. Learn more about what we look for in entrepreneurs.

Co-Founding ideas

In addition, we work together with great teams to start projects from scratch. These co-founding projects start with just an idea. Through our in-house capabilities, we can test ideas quickly and develop them together with the founders into proper business models and companies. That way, we can combine innovative and disruptive ideas with excellent execution - at the very beginning and the first steps, as well as further down the road to sustainable success. Check out our portfolio page to see some companies that were co-founded by Project A.