Evgeniya Anikina

Evgeniya Anikina

Business Intelligence Manager

With my team I help our ventures make strategic business decisions based on solid data.

As a Business Intelligence Manager I help the founders and employees of our ventures make business decisions based on solid data. Our team develops tools and infrastructures that process data streams from various sources in a way that enables our ventures to make strategic and operative decisions. Our key tool, the data warehouse, helps us answer central questions, like “What is the margin on a product?”, “How did our TV commercial perform, and how have sales developed after it was broadcasted?” or, “How long does it take until our customers receive their order?”

After I had gained my bachelor's degree in business mathematics, I came to Germany with a DAAD scholarship. First I attended the ESB business school in Reutlingen, and then earned a degree in business administration at Freie Universität Berlin. During my studies I closely cooperated with startups and VCs, being fascinated with the scene's energy and dynamic structure right from the beginning.

It is that dynamic spirit that's in the air here at Project A, combined with that unique familiarity amongst colleagues, which has allowed me to become part of the team so easily.

I connect a special sense of achievement with the setup of the BI division at Tirendo, an online tire retailer built up and meanwhile successfully sold by Project A. The system we've created within 18 months is robust and efficient, and the teams across all departments, from marketing to operations and customer service, enjoy working with it.

As we deal with new projects and ventures all the time, I am constantly faced with new tasks, so work never gets boring.

I particularly enjoy that my position allows me to cooperate with all other departments. Together we discuss how to solve problems and advance ideas. Project A makes sure that there is a good balance between young dynamic employees and experienced ones who challenge their younger colleagues and help them evolve. And of course it is also a great feeling when you can help your colleagues out with your own know-how.

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