Florian Brick

Florian Brick

Chief Technical Officer

I value most of the colleagues not only for their excellent work, but also for their collaborative and empowering mentality.

I am one of the CTOs at Project A, dealing especially with projects using Java. My colleagues and me develop and support the IT infrastructure of our ventures. I have a broad spectrum of tasks mainly connected to software architecture and planning. Close contact to the regarding team, consulting and the establishment of specific road maps are crucial to my daily work. Besides, I also take part in the system administration the (live) servers of our ventures, fix bugs if necessary or contribute to quality assurance. Of course, I love to program myself, if there is a chance. Basically, I support our ventures and their decisions by sharing my expertise and experience. You could also find me supporting recruiting and onboarding processes for important IT positions or creating due diligences. That means, I am evaluating the IT systems of potential projects and judging on a possible investment.

I was born and raised in Berlin and studied mathematics and computer science at the Technical University here. After graduating, I started working as a programmer, since pure math theory came out as too boring for me. My first station has been the startup WorkXL, followed by Mundwerk, where I met Christian Weiß, one of the founders of Project A. We both started Rocket Internet and I build up the IT department during my time there. When Project A was founded three years ago, I was in charge of the IT from scratch, together with my colleague Fabian Wesner, our other CTO specialized in PHP.

When it comes to realizing a new project, the IT development process is always quite similar.

First, we think of a clever architecture for the program. It is important to consider e.g. data volume and if it is a real time application. We involve the venture’s own IT experts as much as possible in the following development process. An intense exchange with them and the Product Managers about their demands and requirements concerning the product is definitely important. In case one of the ventures still misses an IT team, we support in building one - to ensure their independence and capacity to maintain and develop their web portal.

Our Java team mostly deals with special requirements, e.g. software for data collection and analysis as for Minodes or for calculating shipping options as for Intelipost. For this, we created our own Java framework named Scotty*: A collection of tools that helps us applying basic functions without reprogramming them. This means, we can start with working focused on the project right from the start and in the same speed as using PHP.

Besides the freedom in my daily work, I like the corporate culture at Project A. About 100 people are working here, but it still feels like a big family.

I value most of the colleagues not only for their excellent work, but also for their collaborative and empowering mentality. Everybody is asked to contribute, no matter if apprentice, working student or fulltime employee. Our IT team weekly exchanges ideas about current technical developments during Allhands and DevTalks, which enables us to learn from each other. If a team is such a good match - personally and professionally - every project can be fun. Apart from that, every day brings new and surprising things and keeps work exciting.

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