Who do we invest in?

Entrepreneurs first

Project A is based on a strong commitment to work with great entrepreneurs, the most important ingredient in the recipe for building a great company. We're looking for those great entrepreneurs.

We are fascinated by deep domain knowledge, a passion for excellence and humble intelligence. We'd love to embark on a journey with you to create a significant, sustainable company as a partner through capital and expertise.

Should I approach Project A?

We invest in startups at Seed and Series A stage, as well as in our own projects that we start from scratch. Reaching out to us is very easy - please feel free to get in touch

Seed & Series A investments

Investing in existing startups & teams

If you share our vision about combining capital investment and operational expertise, get in touch with us early.

We invest between 0.75m EUR and 2.5m EUR in early-stage companies fitting our investment themes, mainly in Europe and Latin America.

We'd love to see at first market traction or an initial product version that potentially could disrupt a multi hundred million Euro market.

Being entrepreneurs with deep operational expertise ourselves, we have a good understanding about what a founders knows and doesn't know at this stage.


Starting our own companies

Our incubation projects start with just an idea. We rely on innovative approaches, and strong business concepts with potential for sustainable economic success. With our expertise in key areas, we support the first steps of a startup. We are always looking for experienced entrepreneurs to work on ideas together with us.