December 21, 2017

Project A Update #2

Hi there!

Before we tell you what’s been going on at Project A, we want to thank you for the fruitful and enjoyable cooperation, and your support over the last year! We wish you and your families a warm and relaxing holiday season, and a happy and successful 2018.

And now here it is: A Update #2. You can either read all the news about our investments, operational engagement, and latest trends — or watch the video below and let Project A partner Anton Waitz entertain you. Enjoy!

Investments and Exits

We invested in Lampenwelt, Europe’s leading online retailer for lighting fixtures. Lampenwelt has the key ingredients we look for in private equity co-investments: a strong founder-led management team, significant profitable growth, and ample opportunities to further scale. Lampenwelt is mainly owned by London-based private equity group 3i, and we are delighted to co-invest with you guys.

We made two more investments that are just not ready to announce, but we already can tell you: the one is empowering shopkeepers in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the other one is all about opinions. We hope we made you curious.

Last but not least, we have seen some great financing events in our portfolio: Qunomedical, Gabi, CrossEngage, and WorldRemit have all raised new money with significant value uplifts. WorldRemit, for example, is now worth more than $600 million. Guys, we appreciate all your hard work!

Operational Support

During the last months, our team of around 100 experts supported more than 20 of our ventures operationally.

Our software engineers, for example, supported kfzteile24 - the online market leader for automobile parts in Germany. Our engineers helped kfzteile24 to transform their online shop into a modern, flexible microservice-based architecture. The new shop is now based on a scalable infrastructure stack from Docker and Kubernetes, and the latest technology stack for frontend and backend. To sum it up: users of kfzteile24 now are enjoying the best user experience possible.

Our Talent Acquisition experts are taking recruitment to the next level. Inspired by product referral systems in marketing, they implemented a candidate referral platform. With this, external stakeholders have the opportunity to earn money by recommending Project A jobs. This will help to get even more candidate profiles and hire new employees faster.

Our communications team A Com supported Contorion - the digital retail specialist for tool and industrial supply. Contorion was our sixth successful exit in June this year; nevertheless, we continued to support our friends with the production of a video that reached more than one million people on social media. Quite some views for a video in German language.

Trends and Investment Opportunities

We see an increasing number of German top tech-talents turning startup entrepreneurs. More and more graduates from the best tech-universities like Munich, Karlsruhe, and Aachen are not blindly following the corporate track anymore and joining the BMW’s, Siemens’, or Bosch’s of this world. They are getting bold and risk-friendly enough to start their businesses around smart algorithms and the creative tech stacks they are building.

Industry 4.0 becomes a bit of a buzzword, but the buzz is real. We are seeing great companies of bold, ambitious entrepreneurs using sensor technology, machine learning or computer vision to tackle complex problems for industries such as automotive, manufacturing or energy. We are super excited about this development because we believe this is just the beginning of something larger.
We know that Germany is unlikely to produce the next Facebook, but we are very much convinced that the next SAP is gonna be created here.

So stay tuned and stay in touch in 2018. We at Project A wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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