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July 19, 2018

Project A Update #3

Hi there!

Welcome to the third edition of “A Update”—our video-based newsletter. This time, our partner Florian Heinemann talks about new investments, current funding rounds, and some operational support projects with our ventures. Lastly, he gives you an overview on investment trends that we’re currently seeing.

Investments and Current Funding Rounds

Our 4 new investments can be split into two areas: Education Technology (EdTech) and Mobility Technology.

  • EdTech: Peergrade, a Copenhagen-based startup, is trying to enable peer grading as the name says already. A second one is Aula, a new generation learning management system that's trying to replace the legacy systems from the past. We are very confident that both of them will leave their mark on the Education Tech space.
  • Mobility Technology: AZOWO is a corporate mobility platform for SMEs that just started. They are based in Biberach and Berlin—a great combination of traditional German technology and new digital stuff. The second one is a computer vision startup from Munich called Artisense**. It is enabling, e.g., autonomous vehicles to move in a better and more qualified way.

We also had a couple of funding rounds. The one that sticks out is a round of 66 million USD, raised just last month: KRY is a video doctor service based in Stockholm, expanding now to the rest of Europe. The other two rounds that stick out are the ones that Spryker and Uberall raised, both are funding rounds with more than a 20 million USD. The Spryker round was led by One Peak, our growth investing friends from London. And the round of Uberall, the location-based marketing cloud, was led by HPE, a growth found in the Netherlands. A few other rounds happened in the portfolio. Watch the video and Florian will tell you more about it.

Operational Support

Our portfolio company Lampenwelt is based in Schlitz, north of Frankfurt. They are the leading online retailer of lighting fixtures and want to improve their presence in social media. Together with their team in Schlitz, we engaged in a 111-day challenge. Our marketing team just finished the concept. Our goal is to get a pretty clear picture of which are the paths and the approaches on how to improve their social media presence after 111 days. We can encourage all founders to go out and set ambitious goals because it helps to align and pursue one consistent goal.

Another project that was very interesting during the last few months is something that our BI team did together with Spryker, an operating system for commerce. The idea is to provide a consistent view of different lead qualities. In the B2B sector, one has to deal with various lead sources. They can come from direct selling, people to people, tailor sales, they can come from LinkedIn, via marketing, or they can come from fairs. What we try to get is a consistent view on how to evaluate and analyze these kinds of leads from various sources in a logical way to take a decision on where to allocate the budget.

Investment Trends

We’ve made three investments in the Digital Health space since 2016, and we are going to continue to invest in that space. Recently, we published a Whitepaper on Digital Health—with more than 1000 downloads already. If you’re interested, check it out.

A second trending area is Education Technology. With Peergrade and Aula, Project A made the first two investments in EdTech startups. We believe that education can be supported by digital technology to make it more efficient and effective.

If this newsletter is too short on information for you: On October 12, our first Project A Knowledge Con will take place here in Berlin. At the PAK Con, we are not only going to have people from Project A, founders, and operational management, but also up to 100 external people. We invite you and them to participate in workshops, share ideas, and network. So if you‘re interested in sharing knowledge, you’re welcome to join. Just write an e-mail to pakcon2018@project-a.com

Have a good time and all the best!

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