March 7, 2019

Customer Service 2.0: How to turn customers into friends in 2019 - with Mads Fosselius, CEO of Dixa | PAP#041

Demographics, social media, personalization and online trust platforms. Customers are changing, along with their preferred communication channels and their expectations of good customer service. Keeping up with them requires an understanding of the technical tools available in customer service, as well as the branding possibilities in this new world of service.

Dixa is a customer friendship platform out of Copenhagen looking to evolve the way companies connect to and service their customers. Their CEO, Mads Fosselius, talks with with Raul Porojan, Sales & Customer Success Specialist at Project A.

Guest: Mads Fosselius, CEO of Dixa
Host: Raul Porojan, Sales & Customer Success Specialist at Project A
Language: English
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