March 15, 2019

Operational Value Add as Key Differentiator for Investors - with Johannes Keienburg, CEO of the HitFox Group, and Florian Heinemann | PAP#042

As the startup ecosystem grows up, it’s not only startups pitching to investors anymore. Every investor needs to have a clear USP that founders perceive as added value for their business.

In this episode, Project A partner Florian Heinemann discusses with HitFox CEO Johannes Keienburg about different investment approaches and how investors can differentiate in a growing investor landscape. What relevance has operational competence for a startup, what about specialization, and what can corporates offer?
To get an answer to these questions, listen to this podcast.

Guest: Johannes Keienburg, CEO of the HitFox Group & Managing Director at Heartbeat Labs
Host: Florian Heinemann, General Partner at Project A
Language: English
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