March 29, 2019

Insights into a Startup's CTO life - with Markus Wuebben, CTO of Crossengage.io | PAP#044

A lot of young IT people think of the CTO’s role in a startup as some kind of holy grail.
But does one really know what to expect from this role and what pitfalls one can encounter on the way?

To share some insights into a CTO’s life in a still young and fast-growing startup I am talking with my colleague Dr. Markus Wuebben, CTO of Crossengage.io, about surviving in a high traffic environment; how it is to create a product and its market at the same time; what he learned in the last 3.5 years and what he would do differently now!

Listen to his “three stages of a company” model, what people you need for which stage and what environment he actually shaped.

Guest: Dr. Markus Wuebben, CTO of Crossengage
Host: Stephan Schulze, CTO at Project A
Language: German
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