April 5, 2019

Personalized News - Chances and side effects of personal recommendation engines - with Janine Perkuhn and Marco Herzog, Co-Founders of Nuzzera | PAP#045

Curation algorithms have become an influential part of our daily digital lives. On the one hand, they help us discover music we like or other interesting products when shopping online, on the other hand, they are recently criticised for promoting extreme content and radicalisation.

In this Project A Podcast episode, Janine Perkuhn and Marco Herzog, the founders of nuzzera.com talk with Alexandra Deichsel from Project A’s Data Team about the challenge of providing an information service that recommends personalized yet diverse news to readers, while avoiding the risk of a self-reinforced filter bubble. The key for this is not only the recommendation algorithm but also the business model.

Guest: Janine Perkuhn, CPO and Cofounder of Nuzzera and Marco Herzog, CEO and Cofounder of Nuzzera
Host: Dr Alexandra Deichsel, Business Intelligence Manager at Project A
Language: German
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