June 7, 2019

How Picnic conquered the Dutch food market in a very short time - with Daniel Gebler, CTO at Picnic & Stephan Schulze, CTO at Project A Ventures | PAP#054

What structures are necessary to face an extremely rapid company growth?
How to overcome siloed organizational behavior and which technical systems can be recommended for analysis and management?

Picnic is an online supermarket, that delivers groceries in the low-price segment directly to people’s homes without delivery costs. With this service they met a huge customer need and the company has been growing very fast since then. Due to this, they build up such an effective infrastructure that supported them to become a very successful company in the Netherlands in a very short time. Facing the challenges of this enormous growth from a team of 30 people up to a team of 3000 people, structural changes were indispensable. Daniel Gebler, CTO of picnic, explains what was needed regarding the products the company has, the organizational structure and the technical requirements.

Find out in our podcast about how teams are organized around product clusters, how they work with a dual leadership model, how they define their KPI’s and also how they organize their data analytics.

Our new episode is also available as a video:

Guest: Daniel Gebler, CTO at Picnic
Host: Stephan Schulze, CTO at Project A Ventures
Language: English
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