June 28, 2019

The application of neuropsychology to Corporate Communications - with Bob Hardt, Senior Communications Manager at Project A | PAP#057

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Companies in Germany invest around 80-90 billion euros annually in communication measures. But how these measures actually work is often unclear. A few years ago, brain researchers physicians began carrying out interdisciplinary studies on the effects of advertising. This still relatively young discipline is now called “Consumer Neuroscience”, and combines the latest findings from the neuroscience with those from consumer and advertising research. Consumer neuroscience, also known as neuromarketing, is all about looking into the customer’s brain and understand how the purchasing decision is made. The aim is to create the most efficient advertising measures possible and thus effectively address customers in brand and advertising communication.
Bob Hardt, Senior Communications Manager at Project A, talks about these decision mechanisms, human motivational systems and why (almost) every decision is made subconsciously before we rationally justify it.

Guest: Bob Hardt, Senior Communications Manager
Host: Danijel Visevic, Director of Communications
Language: German
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