September 6, 2019

Let’s Talk about Gender - A discussion about gender non-binary inclusion in recruiting & in the workplace | PAP067

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Languages can be unnecessarily gendered. How can we change this and why should we? Using informal gender slang can be common in everyday language. Tune into this podcast to hear a Gender Queer person’s insights (Molly Barrett, Working Student Talent Acquisition) & Rainer Berak (Managing Director & COO) on how you be more gender neutral with your word choices, avoid gender biases in recruiting, onboarding to gender neutral pronouns and how to use them, and what you and your team can do to encourage diversity. By listening to this podcast, you can start your diversity awareness process :)

Guest: Molly Barrett, Working Student Talent Acquisition at Project A
Host: Rainer Berak, Managing Director & COO at Project A
Language: English
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