B2B Marketing & Sales Day by Project A

On April 4, 2019 we had our B2B Marketing & Sales Day with presentations from experts from our portfolio companies as well as our own Project A experts. Today we are happy to share the presentation slides and recordings with you!

● Welcome Intro by Rainer Berak from Project A | Slides | Recording

● Lead Generation at KLARA by Simon Lorenz | Slides | Recording

● Panel Discussion about Personal Branding by Pia Frey from Opinary, Manuel Hinz from CrossEngage, Florian Heinemann and Bob Hardt from Project A | Recording

● Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation at COMTRAVO by Michael Riegel | Slides | Recording

● The Sales Playbook by Anders Mayntzhusen from DIXA | Slides | Recording

● Data-Driven B2B Marketing by Ole Bossdorf from Project A | Slides | Recording

● Customer Decision Journey by Julian Fornoff from store2be | Slides | Recording

● Combining Sales and Marketing Activities at AZOWO by Andres Tapia & Corinne Herberg from Project A | Slides | Recording

● Wrap Up by Philipp Werner from Project A | Slides | Recording

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