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ESV Digital grows 164% With New Accounts And Wins Awards

Digital marketing agency ESV Digital Brazil, won The e-Awards Brazil 2016 and the Digital Innovation ABComm and won new accounts such as Bank Pan UNIASSELVI, CONTAUM, and NUTREBEM.

In the first half of 2016 ESV Digital Brazil ( was victorious two major awards in the digital LATAM business world. The agency specialized in data-driven digital marketing was the only one to win The e-Awards Brazil 2016 in two categories - "Best Digital Agency Full Service" and "Best Digital Agency Traffic Capture". It's also chosen "Best Digital Consulting" in the Digital Innovation Award ABComm and an increase of 164% to June, the company brought a new partner to the board of the enterprise.

Only in recent months, severals new accounts joined the portfolio of ESV Digital Brazil such as Bank Pan and UNIASSELVI, in addition to startups CONTAUM and NUTREBEM. Taken together, all of ESV customers invest more than R$ 50 million in digital marketing.

New partner Marcella Mosquini and CEO Robson Del Fiol with the Awards

"I can say that the crisis is even helping us," says Robson Del Fiol, CEO of the agency. "That's because our business model brings measurable benefits, fast and recurrently, with less investment," he explains. Part of the success is due to the work of Marcella Mosquini, the new partner of ESV Digital after joining the company as a sales executive in April 2015. "Marcella has a vital role in attracting new customers. To grow, we need to share the wealth" said Del Fiol.

To ESV Digital's CEO, the new partner helps the company to establish a position that is not always the practice in marketing and advertising market: the task is to combine creativity with the performance. Thus, the agency moves toward the goal of doubling all its metrics in 2017, both revenues as the number of customers and employees.
About Digital ESV Brazil.

The company specialized in data-driven digital marketing that operates on three pillars: consulting, strategizing and data analysis. ESV Digital employs its proprietary technology to measure the importance of each channel in customer branding effectiveness. With the result, it is possible to define very precisely how to optimize investments and improve the ROI of 15% to 25%.

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