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Eyeota Raises US$7 Million in Series A Round

Singapore, January 26, 2016. Eyeota, the global leader for local audience data, announced today that it has raised US$7 million in Series A funding.

With 1.5 billion unique profiles gathered from publishers across Asia-Pacific, Australia, Europe and the Americas, Eyeota is a truly global organization in the data and marketing technology industries. Eyeota’s audience data provides marketers with the insights they need to reach the right online audiences and enables publishers to monetize their audiences.

Investors participating in this round include Global Brain Corporation, Infinity e.Ventures and Project A Ventures.

Eyeota has raised US$10 million to date and will use the funding to build the teams in its international offices, grow the technology development team and expand into new territories. As the digital media ecosystem expands, brands find it increasingly more challenging to reach their target audiences. Eyeota empowers brands with high quality audience data, enabling them to understand their target audiences so they can deliver the right message to the right user at the right time.

Today Eyeota is the international leader in this space growing the business and its revenues three-fold in the past year. In 2015, Eyeota opened offices in Melbourne and Tokyo, and also doubled the company’s headcount.

All of the top 6 media agency holding groups purchase Eyeota’s data for their media buys, and 50 of the 50 highest spending advertisers use Eyeota’s audience data to reach their target audiences online. Eyeota’s mission is to be the preeminent independent data source for audience data worldwide. Eyeota currently generates data revenues for thousands of its partners including CACI, Experian, Ipsos, Immobilienscout24, Netsprint, Roy Morgan Research and Semasio.

Kevin Tan, CEO and Co-Founder of Eyeota, says: “Eyeota is entering a new phase of rapid growth and I am pleased to announce that the latest funds will be used to fuel our international expansion and accelerate our product offering. I am excited about what we will build with this investment and with our new shareholders’ support.”

Nobutake Suzuki, a partner of Global Brain, says: “We were impressed by Eyeota’s experienced team and unparalleled technologies, and we believe the company shows great promise and is set to become one of top tier players in the global data and digital advertising industries.”

Florian Heinemann, Managing Director of Project A Ventures, says: “We were the first VC investor in Eyeota at a very early stage, when their revenue was relatively low. Eyeota has since become a strong player in the performance marketing space, driving the trade of RTA profile data worldwide. Particularly the approach of making popular and relevant offline data sets available in a digital way has proved to be the right step. We are very happy to continue accompanying Eyeota on this path."

Akio Tanaka, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Infinity e.Ventures, adds: “We are excited to join Eyeota as it has emerged as a major player in the provision of global audience data and we are looking forward to see the company expand the business beyond advertising to other areas of audience information.”

About Eyeota
Eyeota is the global leader for local audience data with over 1.5 billion unique profiles. Eyeota provides marketers with the data they need to reach the right online audiences and cut campaign waste whilst also enabling publishers to monetize their audiences more widely. In addition, our data delivers deep audience insight to both marketers and online publishers to help them understand their customers in a new way – as human beings. Eyeota supplies third party audience data to all major global and regional ad buying platforms, trading desks, DSPs, DMPs and ad networks. The company was founded in 2010 and has offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, London, Melbourne, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. For more information, please visit

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