Project A invests in Laserhub - a start-up focusing on sheet metal processing

Berlin, April 18, 2019 - The digital procurement platform for laser and bending parts Laserhub from Stuttgart has completed a financing round led by the Berlin Operational VC Project A. In addition to various business angels, Laserhub will continue to be supported by venture capitalist Point Nine. The fresh capital infusion will be used for technical enhancements of the platform as well as internationalization.

"Over the last year and a half, the platform and our team have developed immensely. We have constantly gained new customers and production partners. Around 1,000 customers have ordered components with a total weight of 615 tonnes in recent months. The platform, through which our customers now have access to more than 200 laser and bending machines, is constantly being expanded with new functions. At the same time, we have hired new employees month by month and placed our company on a solid foundation," reports Christoph Rößner, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Laserhub.

Savings potential of up to 70% through digitization of the entire value chain
The online platform of Laserhub allows an intelligent examination of individual customer orders and their connection to currently available manufacturing resources in the market within a few seconds - including immediate costing and pricing. This allows companies to place their orders for laser and bent parts in just a few clicks on a cloud-based online platform. A fully automated process quickly checks the CAD drawings for feasibility, calculates prices and identifies the appropriate producer. Thus, Laserhub also takes over the supplier management and ensures that the components arrive on the desired date.

Laserhub is responsible for the entire processing of the order, implementation, and delivery. This saves companies up to 70 percent in their process costs. For small series and prototypes, this is attractive because the cost of soliciting offers is often higher than the value of the goods. In the case of large series that Laserhub increasingly handles, the efficiency originates through supplier management and the identification of the most suitable production partner. Sheet metal processors benefit from access to relevant orders, which they receive fully automatically and digitally so that they can be processed efficiently.

The new financing round is led by Operational VC Project A from Berlin. "The manufacturing industry is the backbone of the German economy, and sheet metal processing is a very large and fragmented market, where communication to this day takes place via e-mail and fax. Laserhub has managed to build a vertically integrated marketplace that is strongly accepted by customers. The team combines industrial and start-up expertise and we are pleased to support Laserhub financially and operationally, " said Uwe Horstmann, General Partner at Project A.

Fresh capital for new functions and European expansion
Over the past few months, Laserhub has already developed numerous functionalities, such as a simple reappointment of components that have already been ordered, and, above all, simplified and accelerated the calculation process. The intuitive user interface includes, among other things, a faster component inspection. In addition, it has recently been possible to process and calculate assemblies.
Further innovations include an extended selection of cutting gases and the option of powder coating. Since many customers now procure large volumes, the start-up offers framework contracts for several weeks. In addition, there has recently been a need for a wider range of materials. Laserhub also plans additional interfaces, such as integration into the standard ordering and ERP systems.

"So far we have delivered far more components than we had hoped for in our planning. Last but not least, we owe this to our strong and growing network of certified partners in Germany. With their help, we have become one of the largest suppliers of sheet metal working in Europe within 18 months. This allows us to access 80 laser machines and 150 bending machines for our customers, " says Jonas Schweizer, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Laserhub. "Our goal is to further accelerate this growth. To do this, we will expand our offer to neighboring European countries, offer new services and get the appropriate partners on board. With the support of Project A and Point Nine and the other investors, we are well prepared for this."

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