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Loopline Receives Financing

Loopline Systems attracts investment from the founder of Flaconi, Constanze Buchheim and Martina Weiner at i-potentials. Trivago founders and investment funds increase their stakes.

  • Berlin people analytics company extends round of financing.
  • New investors include clients of the company.
  • Project A, HTGF, IBB Bet, and Monkfish Equity up their stakes.

Berlin – 23th February 2016. Loopline Systems, provider of intelligent HR software and spin-off from the Berlin-based early-stage investor and VC Project A Ventures, has just completed its second round of financing with a second closing and a significant increase to its seven-digit investment total. New faces among the investors include several big names in the German digital scene. Moreover, Paul Schwarzenholz and Björn Kolbmüller (Flaconi) know the product loopline from a client perspective: Their company uses the cloud-based tool for active staff development. Others who have acquired a share in Loopline Systems using private investment vehicles include Constanze Buchheim and Martina Weiner (i-Potentials) as well as Ryan Hood ( The existing investors took the chance to increase their stakes: Project A, the VC fund Technologie Berlin II (managed by the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft), the High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), and Monkfish Equity, which includes trivago co-founders Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner and Rolf Schrömgens.

Nora Heer, co-founder and managing partner of Loopline Systems: “This level of support after only such a short time in business as well the strategic signal it gives to the market are of incredible value for us.” The second round of financing was triggered by the results which loopline software showed in start-up companies – and other environments, too. Originally conceived for fast-growing companies, investors are seeing the potential of loopline also for organisations at a much more mature stage of growth. Amongst them are companies in the 1,000+ staff bracket requiring a leadership approach for a new generation of talents, information for organisation building, and an early-warning system for any tendencies towards a staff outflow.

Constanze Buchheim, founder and managing director of i-potentials and a recognised expert for recruitment and management in the digital age: “In our view, loopline has the potential to become a mark of quality in employer branding, especially for established companies looking to attract and retain digital-savvy staff.”

Paul Schwarzenholz, entrepreneur, investor, and founder of Flaconi: “I see big opportunities in Loopline Systems’ data- and action-based approach. Companies get a constant flow of specific information which allows them to identify weak-points and potential levers in their organisational development.”

Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner, co-founder of trivago: “This solution can be docked into any IT environment in a matter of hours, structures feedback processes in an intuitive way, and grows with the companies which use it: as such, I see a huge potential market for the service.”

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