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Strategic Investment: Acquisition of interest in MiNODES a leading retail analytics provider headquartered in Berlin

Market Tech (LSE: MKT), the holding company that combines iconic London real estate assets like the Camden Markets, with digital capabilities, acquires a 25% stake in MiNODES GmbH, the leading European retail analytics provider.

BERLIN / LONDON / NEW YORK, March 1st, 2016 – Together with Market Tech, MiNODES aims to become the leading "Big Data" service provider for traditional retailers, targeting visitors on digital devices to create innovative omni-channel solutions for retail marketers. Following the acquisition, MiNODES intends to accelerate its global growth and increase its activities in the UK and the US.

MiNODES analyses a combination of in-store data sources, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth beacons, providing detailed insights into visitor experience and behaviour - with the aim of converting footfall into paying customers - for more than 50 retailers operating across 12 countries over an area of approximately 10 million square feet. MiNODES' current clients include some of Europe's largest shopping mall operators, global automotive OEMs, as well as leading supermarket chains in Europe and the Middle East.

Commenting on the investment, Market Tech's CEO, Charles Butler, said:
"We have been impressed by MiNODES' analytics which we have been using at our real estate assets for the last five months and this investment represents a significant strategic addition to the Group. The MiNODES analytics are helping us to optimise our real estate assets and we will also benefit from the company's success as it increases its activities, placing Market Tech at the forefront of deploying digital capabilities to traditional real estate assets."

MiNODES' CEO and Founder, Tim Wegner, added:
"We are very happy to strengthen our relationship with Market Tech, which has already proven successful during the past months of intensive collaboration. Market Tech brings in a considerable real estate footprint as well as extensive digital technology know-how, which makes it the perfect strategic partner for MiNODES' aspirations. We are now looking forward to accelerating MiNODES' international expansion, especially in the UK and in North America."

Project A Partner Thies Sander commented:
„We are very happy to see our digital infrastructure investment focus confirmed through the successful capital increase. MiNODES' greatest potential is its ability to connect the digital and physical worlds, which will significantly improve consumers’ shopping experience in the near future.”

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