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MWC 2016: The Mission of Providing Mobile Targeting Data to Advertisers Worldwide

European pioneer 42matters develops unique data solution for mobile data evaluation

Zurich, February 19, 2016. Just in time for this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Swiss-based company, 42matters AG has finalized the development of its cutting-edge data solution, a system that evaluates data from the app-graph to determine a mobile user’s demographics, interests and behavior.

The company enables advertisers and agencies worldwide to easily use pre-defined segments as targeting criteria in their own RTB infrastructure and ad-servers. By making anonymous profiles available through the leading DMPs, 42matters enables advertisers to utilize the significant and sudden rise in the number of mobile devices, to tap into the full potential of in-app advertisement. According to internal tests and several research studies, campaigns can be run considerably more precise and efficiently using this revolutionary data solution.

“We’re excited to be able to help advertisers all over the world improve targeting for their mobile campaigns, and we’re looking forward to presenting our solutions at the Mobile World Congress to a broad audience”, says Andrea Girardello, CEO and co-founder of 42matters.

The in-house developed algorithm, evaluates and enriches anonymous data from apps installed on smartphones or tablets, thus enabling advertisers worldwide to reach their ideal customers in the programmatic ad space.

42matters already offers a full range of data structured into several hundred interest segments such as business traveler, car owner, or sport fanatic as well as demographic data. Customers are also able to target users by language and country. In addition to 42matters’ data solution, the company markets a powerful API that provides customers with access to the metadata of mobile apps, along with other app stores insights. The API service is being continuously improved with additional features and is already one of the most comprehensive services of this kind for the iOS and Android markets worldwide.

According to eMarketer, the overall market potential is huge, with 2016 projected to be the year that mobile ad spending surpasses desktop ad spending. In the US alone mobile in-app ad spending is predicted to be more than USD 42bn (65% of total mobile ad spending) in 2019. In Europe,the UK market dominates with $3.2bn spent on programmatic mobile marketing. These numbers, which will continue to rise, illustrate the massive opportunity for advertisers if they focus on mobile targeting, in addition to their existing marketing channels. App-only businesses create a special need for programmatic mobile advertising.

About 42matters
42matters AG, headquartered in Zurich is a pioneer in mobile app targeting. The company develops innovative mobile targeting based on the app-graph of the user. The customers of 42matters are mainly advertising companies and telecommunications groups. 42matters offers this data in several leading DMPs to a broad group of advertisers. 42matters AG was founded in 2011 by Andrea Girardello, Ivan Delchev, Andreas Budde and Bo Wang. More information at

Press Contact: Andrea Girardello | 0041 445 867 742 |

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