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Project A Offers Open Office Hours for Entrepreneurs

As an active player in the Berlin-based start-up ecosystem and according to our “entrepreneurs first” philosophy, we not only want to support our portfolio companies, but would also like to grant external founders access to our wealth of knowledge and experience.

Having made our way successfully as a VC for four and a half years, we know very well that there are a lot of questions about various topics which emerge along the way, especially in the early stage of a company. Approaching a VC and entering into a dialogue with investors can be quite difficult for young companies.
This is why we have decided to host quarterly Open Office Hours conducted by our New Business Analysts Sascha Günther and Andreas Helbig, who screen more than 1000 business ideas every year.

The meeting is not meant to simulate a pitch situation, but should serve instead to create a fruitful exchange while discussing different founder-relevant topics. We welcome all founders and founding teams looking for advice and feedback on their projects as well as those who are simply interested in general VC topics.

The first Open Office Hours will take place on Thursday, July 7th, from 10 AM to 1 PM at our Project A offices in Berlin. Interested entrepreneurs can apply via our application form until July 5th.

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