Portfolio Day 2016

Around 200 guests attended the fourth annual family reunion of the Berlin-based VC Project A—among them investors, LPs, Project A experts and founders.

Highlights of the event were, among others, a workshop on e-commerce by Alexander Graf, author and co-founder of Kassenzone, and a keynote by Carl Hazely who presented a framework elaborated by Goldmann Sachs to net out Europe’s e-commerce winners. The founder of Online Marketing Rockstars, Philipp Westermeyer, who has been part of Project A’s network for a long time, contributed with a keynote on “Underevaluated Media Assets”.

In addition, Project A presented its new investment theme “Digital Health”. The founders of Junomedical, KRY and Klara presented their companies and discussed the impact of digitization on health care as well as the sector’s trends and challenges together with Project A Founding Partner Uwe Horstmann.

Of course, also Project A’s experts shared their knowledge: Florian Heinemann (Founding Partner) and Dorothee Seedorf (Director Performance Marketing) held a workshop on current trends in digital marketing. On the tech side, Project A CTO Stephan Schulze gave insights into agile development, microservices and docker while assessing strengths and weaknesses of these concepts. In addition, Project A’s Business Intelligence experts Leo Schirmer (Head of BI) and Martin Loetzsch (Chief Data Officer) held a workshop on building data-centric companies.

Last but not least, various portfolio companies of Project A had the chance to present their startup in theme-oriented pitch slots.

Project A thanks all participants and is already looking forward to next year!

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