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Project A develops own e-commerce platform

It is a powerful platform that makes all the difference to any successful e-commerce company. Standard e-commerce solutions offer mostly a high range of functions. They are designed for a multitude of processes and approaches. We encountered difficulties and decided to go for a self-developed e-commerce platform. From our self-development “Yves” and “Zed” (front end & back end) we expect numerous advantages:

Performance enhancement. Standard software often is cumbersome to maintain and only limited in expanding to individual requirements. The scalability is frequently restricted. In the past, Yves and Zed were developed on the basis of Yii and Zend framework, Solr, Memcache, ActiveMQ and Propel. We now use our newly gained knowledge to constantly refine the core.

High bandwidth. In order to serve the entire spectrum of business models of our ventures, we need an effective instrument, which can handle a whole bandwidth of approaches, no matter whether a classical shop, a subscription model, a market place or a community is required.

Easy Integration. The self-developed platform should combine a number of features which existing platforms were not able to offer. Apart from a comprehensive mapping of order processing, these include integrated monitoring and the connection to an internal data warehouse. By this we want to facilitate the integration of marketing and reporting tools.

Constant enhancements. The in-house development means an immediate proximity to the development team. In the future, the short distances will enable us to carry out even the most complex adjustments within a short period of time. At this year‘s Developer Conference in Hamburg, it was the first time that PHP-CTO Fabian Wesner presented the result “Yves and Zed” to a public audience. Have a look at the presentation and share your opinion about “Yves and Zed” with us:

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