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Open Code: Spryker releases product sample for its commerce software

  • Companies can now test the innovative IT-approach for e-commerce
  • Developers work on the Spryker framework with Clean Code and S.O.L.I.D. principles
  • New licensing model provides high degree of freedom

Berlin, Hamburg – April 5, 2016. Spryker Systems, provider of an agile technology approach to e-commerce, is showcasing the centerpiece of its product online: the source code for the Spryker software framework. At, developers from companies and agencies alike can, for the first time, do completely open trial work with the modular IT approach. Inspired by the open source idea, the team not only allows a look into its engine room, but also for clients to test the code for their own webshop or commerce project. If a company decides to install Spryker for commercial use, they can now also profit from a recently differentiated licensing model, which provides customers with individual pricing according to the number of developers using the framework rather than a fixed software license.

Separation of backend and frontend, a high degree of modularization of functions, and individually shapeable requirements for content and features: Spryker Open Code showcases what the alternative to in-house development looks like in real world e-commerce. This way, Open Code provides strategists and IT managers with a tool to support their internal decision-making. For developers, Spryker offers intuitive access and efficiency – the software meets both the Clean Code standard and the principles of S.O.L.I.D. design, the purity requirements for software and its architecture. Spryker’s new pricing model also caters to the client’s perspective: the license fees depend on the number of connected developers, replacing the current annual license. Learn more at:

Alexander Graf, founder and CEO of Spryker Systems: „We believe that you can no longer sell software the traditional, in-transparent way, but rather, one should make it possible for users to make an informed decision. Our goal is to provide ambitious brands and retailers with the requirements of market leaders that can modulate their business models, shops, and services without technological limitations. With Spryker Open Code, companies can now test our software, exactly like the technology leaders do it.“

Fabian Wesner, founder and Chief Technology Officer of Spryker Systems: „The success of retail business models today is inseparable from software. It is our mission at Spryker to open up the black box of agile technology for developers and decision-makers across the industry.“
Christian Meermann, Managing Partner of Cherry Ventures: „In order to make technology a source of value creation, companies today need to take a much closer look at the software they are using. These decisions are no longer about the individual advantages of a system, but about what it means to the future strategy of the company. Open Code is a pioneering step, because it opens up the heart of the software for this trend. I am pleased that Spryker is one of the first providers of enterprise technology to take this step, in a way which, in my opinion, will set a new standard.“

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