VPN is on the rise as ZenGuard collaborates with DEC on new pocket-sized network device

The internet security company has collaborated with Digital Equipment Communications (DEC) to develop ‘Navia’, bringing you safe, secure access while surfing the net and using IoT devices

Berlin, January 26 2017. Computer manufacturing company Digital Equipment Communications Ltd. has joined forces with Berlin-based company ZenGuard (the parent company of ZenMate) to develop an innovative hardware product that provides secure and encrypted access when surfing the internet. The product, named ‚Navia’, is a portable Virtual Private Network (VPN) the size of a cigarette pack that uses the infrastructure and VPN services of ZenGuard’s successful product ZenMate.
What makes Navia unique is its wide variety of possible applications and uses. Users are provided with both encrypted internet access while using public WiFi in cafés or airports and a secure connection when hooking up to any "Internet of Things" (IoT) devices such as smart TVs, cameras and stereos through the VPN tunnel – a virtual protection shield. Navia offers additional privacy protection while protecting devices from cyber attacks. Until today there have not been many security solutions for private IoT devices.

“We are very excited about this new product, as it represents another milestone in our goal of making internet privacy and security accessible for everyone”, says Simon Specka, founder and CEO of ZenGuard. “We have found the ideal partner in DEC to help make this cutting-edge VPN technology accessible to the general public.“
Through an intuitive web application, multiple users can dial into the Navia system and then connect to public WiFi simultaneously. This is the simplest version of a mobile and private VPN that can be used without having any special technical skills or software installed. In addition to the 128MB of encoded disk space, the device also contains battery storage that can charge devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. Navia’s battery life is approximately 12 hours and access can be shared with others.
ZenGuard is best known for its browser plug-in ZenMate that encrypts browsing traffic, unlocks geo-restrictions and hides the original IP to protect the user’s identity and privacy. In summer 2016, ZenMate launched two additional products: the free web firewall ZenMate Pulse, that also comes as a browser plug-in, and the innovative mobile security solution ZenMate Sense, created for Android. Since its launch in 2013, ZenMate has been used by more than 37.6 million people worldwide.

In order to fund manufacturing, DEC and ZenMate started a campaign on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. This campaign will remain active until mid February and has already had a very successful start: the "super early bird" package, ‚Navia Solo’, that was offered with a 40% discount sold out within 48 hours. The first client dispatch is scheduled for August 2017.

About ZenMate
ZenMate is the first product by ZenGuard, a startup based in Berlin. The young company wants to improve internet security for its users and make it accessible to the general public. The browser add-on ZenMate’s functionality, is similar to a VPN connection and can be added with just one click. Once installed, ZenMate encrypts browser traffic, unlocks geo-restrictions and hides the original IP in order to protect the user’s privacy and identity. Because of its easy handling and advanced functionality, the plugin provides home network, WiFi and en route security. ZenMate is available on multiple browser platforms (Chrome, Opera, Firefox), as an app (android, iOS) and desktop version (Win, Mac), and therefore offers secure protection in any situation. Under the „ZenMate“ brand there are additional products available, for example the web firewall ZenMate Pulse and the mobile security solution ZenMate Sense. Altogether this offers a complete protection portfolio to its end clients. Zenguard was founded in 2013 by CEOs Simon Specka and Markus Hänel in Manchester and belongs to the first funding round of Axel Springer’s Plug and Play programs.

About Digital Equipment Communication Ltd.
Digital Equipment Communication (DEC) is an Irish tech company based in Dublin and founded in 2014 with the vision to meet the increasing demand of so-called „embedded digital systems“ and wireless communication. Based on broad expertise and the most modern technology DEC develops and distributes user-friendly mobile devices that are equipped with modern computer technology and innovative VPN solutions. That way the company makes using technology a more comfortable experience.

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