Workshops & Speakers

Workshop - Session 1 (10:45 - 11:15)

"E-Commerce, How Hard Can It Be?"

Speaker: Alexander Graf (CEO & Co-Founder - Spryker Systems)
Location: Main room

Further information will follow.

Workshop - Session 2 (11:30 - 12:30)

"Current Trends and Challenges in Digital Marketing"

Speaker: Florian Heinemann (Founding Partner - Project A) and Dorothee Seedorf (Director Online Marketing - Project A)
Location: Main room

Further information will follow.

Workshops - Session 3 (14:00 - 14:55)

"Latest on Back-End"

Speakers: Stephan Schulze (CTO - Project A)
Location: Breakout room 1

Stephan will give an introduction to Agile Development, Microservices and Docker while showing how all three can work together. The talk will also address strengths and weaknesses of these concepts and provide recommendations on when to use them.

About Stephan Schulze:
Stephan is CTO at Project A since April 2015. He is always interested in new technologies and methodologies but also knows, that you must use the right tool and have the right team for specific tasks to be successful.

"Cross-Channel B2B Commerce"

Speakers: Dr. Richard Schwenke (Managing Director & Co-Founder - Contorion)
Location: Breakout room 2

Over the last 20 years, digitalization disrupted major parts of B2C retail. However, in B2B wholesale the avalanche of digitalization is just taking off and the market sizes are huge. In this workshop, we will discuss how to tackle this opportunity, what B2B commerce can learn from B2C and what mistakes and learnings we made on our journey in bringing Contorion, a digital wholesaler for industrial supplies, to 25 mEUR/a run rate.

About Dr. Richard Schwenke:
Dr. Richard Schwenke co-founded Contorion in spring 2014 together with Dr. Frederick Roehder and Tobias Tschötsch. Prior to Contorion, he served automotive and retail clients at McKinsey&Company in Europe and China for 5 years. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Mainz and a master's degree from MIT in mechanical engineering. At Contorion, Richard is responsible for Category Management, Purchasing, Pricing, IT, Business Intelligence, and Product Data.

Workshops - Session 4 (16:00 - 17:00)

"Building Data-Centric Companies"

Speakers: Dr. Martin Loetzsch (Chief Data Officer - Project A) and Leo Schirmer (Head of BI - Project A)
Location: Breakout room 1

Building up a data infrastructure and a corresponding team is a crucial factor for data-driven growth. Martin and Leo will share their experiences from various business intelligence projects with portfolio companies of Project A.

About Dr. Martin Loetzsch:
Martin Loetzsch has been part of Project A from the very beginning. As Chief Data Officer, he has helped numerous portfolio companies to form teams that build data warehouses and other data-driven applications. Before joining Project A (with a short interlude at Rocket Internet), Martin Loetzsch worked in artificial intelligence labs in Paris and Brussels on computational linguistics and robotics. He received a Ph.D. in computer science from the Humboldt University of Berlin.

About Leo Schirmer:
Leo Schirmer joined Project A in early 2013 as Head of Business Intelligence. He advises portfolio companies in questions regarding analytics and the business side of building data warehouses. Before that, he spent three years setting up the marketing analytics team at Zalando.

"LIQID - Smart Investing in a Zero-Interest World" (In German!)

Speakers: Dr. Kyros Khadjavi (Managing Director & Co-Founder - LIQID) and Kim Felix Fomm (Head of Portfolio Management - LIQID)
Location: Breakout room 2

We show you how to boost your risk-adjusted return after the exit. What pitfalls to avoid, how to get a free lunch and why it’s a no-brainer to bundle purchasing power to get access to investment content and conditions that the affluent currently can only dream of … and how all of this relates to the Eighth Wonder of the World!

About Kyros Khadjavi:
Kyros laid the foundations of his investment expertise at the universities of St. Gallen and Paris. He went on to hold leading positions in two internet startups before becoming a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. Subsequently he spent ten years amassing experience in wealth management for selected private clients at UBS and Berenberg in Zurich, Frankfurt and Berlin. At LIQID he is responsible for Sales, Investment Product and Compliance.

About Kim Felix Fomm:
Kim has been dealing with investment strategies for ultrahigh net worth individuals (UHNWI) for the past nine years. At BHF he worked in investment analysis and asset allocation for both individual investments and investment funds. After attaining Banking qualifications he studied Business Administration at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and HEC Montréal. At LIQID Kim is in charge of Portfolio Management and collaborates with HQ Trust on investment strategies.

Keynote 1 (15:00 - 15:45)

"European E-Commerce Winners"

Speakers: Carl Hazeley (Equity Research Analyst - Goldman Sachs)
Location: Main room

Carl Hazeley will present a framework elaborated by Goldman Sachs to net out Europe’s e-commerce winners. Considering growth, leverage, innovation and competition, Goldman Sachs identify metrics that they believe point to strength in digital consumer business models. The hypothesis is that companies ranking highest on these metrics are best placed to benefit from the sector’s key trends, namely mobile, social media engagement and rising consumer expectations in delivery/returns.

About Carl Hazeley:
Carl Hazeley joined Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research in July 2011. Carl works in the Retail and Luxury Goods team based in London and focuses on the European Internet sector. Previously, Carl worked in the European Small and Mid-Cap research team, covering companies across the industrial, consumer and financial sectors. He has a degree in Genetics from University College London.

Fireside Chat

Subsequent to Carl Hazeley's keynote, there will be a fireside chat with Carl Hazeley, Florian Heinemann and Michiel Kotting on the hypotheses proposed by Goldman Sachs.

Keynote 2 (17:30 - 18:15)

"Undervalued Media Assets"

Speakers: Philipp Westermeyer (Founder - metrigo GmbH)
Location: Main room

Philipp Westermeyer will show where low-priced advertising spaces can be bought. He will discuss which players act especially smart and also gives some ideas for new marketing options and models for startups as well as "big budget players".

About Philipp Westermeyer:
Philipp Westermeyer is founder of the advertising technology firm metrigo, which was sold with 30 employees to Zalando in 2015. Westermeyer is also the founder of Online Marketing Rockstars, the biggest platform for digital marketing in Germany. After receiving his diploma in business administration and his master program in media management, Philipp started working as chairman at Bertelsmann AG, followed by the position of an investment manager at Gruner + Jahr New Media Ventures. In 2009, Philipp founded adyard, together with Tobias Schlottke and Christian Müller and in 2011 it was sold to Ligatus. Lately, Philipp was seen in the ZDF series “Kampf der Startups”.