Optimizing Advertiser's Social Media Campaigns


02/ 2016 (via a merger of Glow with ADTZ)


Madrid (Spain), London (UK), and others


Juan Dominguez, Jorge Rincon


Series A


Advertising Technology & Consumer Data

Adglow has been investing heavily to build its own social media demand-side platform (DSP), creating niche technology to be able to efficiently buy social media inventory in video, mobile and search engine channels. Their powerful software along with Facebook (Marketing Partner) and Twitter (Marketing Platform Partner) certifications put Adglow in a strategic position to be able to offer both advertisers and agencies the best technology to meet their social media advertising needs: ADAM. ADAM is not just Adglow’s proprietary DSP for social media, allowing advertisers to purchase inventory in social media through real-time bidding (RTB); it also helps Adglow professionals around the world to design, manage, optimize and extract data and key insights from social media ad campaigns.

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