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ESV Digital Brazil is part of ESV Digital Group and was launched in January 2014 by its founders and managing directors Alexa Gaspar and Mariana Oliveira. The digital marketing agency and global technology provider offers expertise in Digital Marketing Strategies and traffic acquisition through paid search, performance display, social media, mobile advertising and many others tatics.

ESV Digital Brazil employs a team of cross-channel analysts and program managers who use the comprehensive inhouse technology ESV platform to manage clients’ accounts and support technology licensees. It combines tracking, reporting, and bid management in one platform alongside a suite of power-tools such as automated campaign analysis, mass updates, catalogue methodology, raw request. The platform is a tool for any paid search marketer trying to leverage maximum benefit from paid search. Headquartered in Paris, with offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Ann Arbor, Madrid, Milan, Oslo, Bertrange and now São Paulo, ESV Digital Group employees over 200 digital marketing professionals who are working with more than 250 clients.

In June 2014 Adtrade was founded in Brazil in 2013 by entrepreneurs Fernando Galender and Robson Del Fiol. The agency trading desk uses technology based on performance analysis algorithms to optimize display campaigns for their clients. Adtrade’s expertise in RTB enhances the portfolio of services offered by ESV Digital in Brazil, for the benefit of ESV Digital and Adtrade’s clients who will enjoy a broader and more integrated online strategy. Adtrade now ESV Digital Brasil has built a very relevant name in the Brazilian market, along Adtrade’s portfolio of clients, which includes companies such as Makro, SAP, Kroton, Atlantica Hotels, MSC Cruzeiros, Floresonline, Procompra, Saint-Gobain, SLAC Coaching, COMGAS, Endeavor, Multiplus and Proteste.