Loopline Systems

Lightweight Cloud Solution For Managing Performance Reviews


09/ 2014


Berlin (Germany)


Nora Heer, Christian Kaller


Series A



Loopline Systems offers a lightweight SaaS solution which is easy to implement and provides ongoing, actionable insights for executives and employees by linking data on performance with personal potential and contentment. By means of guided processes, loopline fosters individual commitment, enabling high-quality feedback and development. The Berlin-based company was founded in 2014. The founders Nora Heer and Christian Kaller were no strangers to the challenges attached to setting up a top notch performance-development tool for the enterprise market on the organizational and individual level: Combining more than ten years of HR experience with a background in entrepreneurial, technology-driven companies as well as leading corporations. In startups and small companies loopline drives professional maturing of HR, while dynamizing performance development in larger organizations.