Making Opinions Matter




Berlin / New York


Cornelius Frey, Max Meran, Pia Frey


Series A



Opinary is a Berlin-based startup that has established a new way for users to share their opinions in online content. The startup was founded 2015 by the siblings Pia and Cornelius Frey and their Co-Founder Max Meran to help more than 70 million monthly users to share their view with a tap and understand opinion trends at a glance.

Opinary visualizes debates by creating highly engaging content for users. With their algorithm and semantic targeting, they guarantee a scalable integration of needed topics in all thematically relevant articles within large publisher networks in Germany, the UK, and the US. The platform offers users the opportunity to engage with interactive content that gives users a voice, helping publishers and brands reach, understand and convert their most valuable audiences.
Publishing partners – including global leaders like The Times, HuffPost, NBC etc., use Opinary to engage and monetize their audiences, while global brands like Toyota or Mastercard boost attention, create conversions and generate insights.

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