Free DIY E-Commerce Platform




Stockholm (Sweden), New York (US)


Carl Rivera, Kaj Drobin, Birk Nilson, Siavash Ghorbani


Venture Round


E-commerce Enabling Technologies


Tictail is a free-to-use e-commerce platform which launched in May 2012. The startup was created by Swedish entrepreneur Carl Waldekranz and co-founders Kaj Drobin, Birk Nilson, and Siavash Ghorbani in Stockholm in May 2011. Tictail provides retailers – whether established businesses or new entrepreneurs – with all of the tools necessary to create an online store, ready to accept orders within a matter of minutes, and all for free. With no need for coding or web-design experience, Tictail lets users create a beautiful online shop through its intuitive and accessible interface, offering an extensive range of templates, layouts, and themes. Tictail’s goal is to become the most used and loved e-commerce platform globally. While the basic Tictail service is free, optional apps - for example custom domains, discount codes, analytics, and the ability to sell downloadable digital content – can be purchased, adding extra functionality as and when a business needs it. The focus is on a strong community integration, user friendly and beautiful, adaptable design, which was highlighted by Wired Magazine when they named Tictail as one Europe’s hottest startups in 2012.

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