Nov 22, 2021


Press Release



  • exit
  • InsurTech

Berlin, 22.11.2021. Project A portfolio company Gabi is acquired by consumer credit reporting agency Experian for $320M. Project A successfully exits the insurtech company after having first invested at pre-seed stage five years ago.

Founded in 2016 by Hanno Fitchner, Krzysztof Kujawa and Vincenz Klemm, Gabi is a mobile-first insurtech based in San Francisco. The company automates insurance shopping and provides more visibility into insurance rates, enabling people to compare insurance companies’ offerings, receive new quotes and ultimately save money on their insurance policies.

"Gabi’s technology-driven approach has not only improved the customer experience for those seeking to get the best and most affordable insurance policies, but it has also raised trust in the industry and generated more insurees for its insurance partners", says Anton Waitz, General Partner at Project A. "We are proud to have been part of Gabi's journey from the very beginning and we are very confident that the company has found the best fit with Experian as its new owner."

For more information, see here.