You have your PAKCon ticket but you're still wondering how to join? No worries! Check out this short tutorial. You'll learn how to navigate the agenda and join a session. PAKCon has some great features to help you meet new people. This tutorial also shows you how to find them.



Since we’re an operational VC, knowledge sharing is one of our fundamental values. Indeed, it’s our business to share knowledge with our portfolio companies. But each of these companies has built their own treasure chest of knowledge too. So we thought, “why not create an event where everyone can share their nuggets of wisdom”? That’s how the Project A Knowledge Conference was born. PAKCon was launched in 2018 and was so successful that we decided to keep going — even in this challenging year.

PAKCon 2020 takes place on Friday October 30th and will run from 9am to 6pm Berlin time. If you’re in another time zone, have a look at this event time announcement to see the equivalent time in your city.

If you’re trying to build a start-up or drive digital transformation in your company, there’s a lot you can learn. We’ll have speakers from both new and more traditional companies. What do they have in common? Each one is striving to be a modern digital enterprise that uses data to think one step ahead. No matter what department you work in, we’ll have experts to inspire you. You'll get insights on areas such as marketing, development, sales, communications, recruiting and data science plus much more.

All of the Project A team will be there as well as employees from our portfolio companies. There will also be leading figures from the international investment community and the German start-up scene. And of course all of our fantastic speakers and sponsors.

Before the event

In principle, anyone can attend — but you'll probably benefit more if you have a similar professional background or similar interests to our other attendees (See "Who else is coming?"). To register for a ticket, fill out the ticket registration form.

To find out what’s happening and when, check out the official program.

No, all presentations will be in English only.

Most of the conference will be hosted in the Run The World platform. There’s a desktop and mobile version of the Run The World app. For the full experience, we recommend that you try both. In addition, we’ll also use Wonder as a networking tool.

Unfortunately, the program is now full — so we can't accept any more applications for this year. But don't worry, there's always PAKCon 2021!

You can get access to this channel during the ticket registration process. When you fill out the ticket application form, be sure to indicate you’re open to being interviewed during the event.

After we check your registration details, we’ll get in touch and let you know whether you’ve been selected for an interview. We won’t have time to interview everyone during the event, so we can only invite a limited number of candidates. However, we can always invite you for an interview after the event too.

If you’re approved for an interview in the talent lounge, you’ll get an email confirming your interview time. You’ll also get an access code and personal interview link. Each interview will run for 15mins in a private channel — other attendees won't be able to see the interview or the interview details.

Yes, there’s still time to join as an event sponsor. If you would like to become a partner or sponsor, please contact

During the event

We’ll send you instructions and a link once we’ve approved your invite. But to get a general idea, see the Run The World attendee guide.

Each talk or session will have its own chat room where you can ask questions and make comments throughout the talk.

You can also use the “grab the mike” feature in the Run the World app.

After the talks, you can join the speaker in a Wonder room where you and the other attendees can continue the conversation.

Just because it’s a virtual event, doesn’t mean you can’t network. There are a few ways to connect with other attendees.

  • 1. Group chat and private messaging

    The Run the World platform provides several ways to chat with other attendees. For more information on how this works, see the Run the World chat and messaging guide.

  • 2. Cocktail parties

    This is a special feature of the Run the World app where event attendees are matched with each other for 1:1 video chats of 5 minutes each. To find out more about how it works, see the documentation for the desktop and mobile apps.

  • 3. Wonder rooms

    Wonder is a separate channel where people can choose their conversation partners and groups by approaching others - just like in real life.

    For more information about how it works, see the Wonder help center.

Yes. A conference is also a community so it’s important to create a safe environment so that everyone feels comfortable participating in discussions — even when they’re virtual.

Our technology partner Run The World has written a set of community guidelines that also apply to this conference — be sure to check them out.

Also, if you’re appearing on video for discussions or 1-on-1 meetings, make sure you’re dressed professionally — just as you would do for any video call with work colleagues. Not everyone is comfortable talking to strangers wearing a bathrobe or pyjamas.

If you feel like someone is acting inappropriately in any of our communication channels, please don’t hesitate to contact our event staff at Don’t worry, we’ll be keeping a constant eye on the inbox so we’ll see your email within minutes.

We’re still figuring this part out. Check back later for an updated answer.

It’s up to you to define how much you want to disclose. To access the event, you need to create a Run The World user profile where you can add a photo and a short bio.

If you’re using the mobile app, you can also create a short “Video Handshake” to introduce yourself to other attendees, but this is purely optional.

Project A, Run The World and some of our sponsors have access to the details that you provided when you applied for a ticket and created a profile in the app. To find out more about how these details are used, see the PAKCon privacy policy.

After the event

Yes, we’ll be making the talks available through our social media channels.

We highly appreciate feedback of any kind. If you’d like to leave a comment, make a suggestion or have an awesome idea, feel free to contact us via