What’s PAKCon?

PAKCon is a one-day virtual conference for anyone who runs a modern digital business — or wants to build one. We’ve invited experts from every area of digital operations to share their knowledge. No matter what team you’re in, we’ll have something for you: You'll get insights on subjects like marketing, development, sales, communications, recruiting and data science. In other words, all the knowledge you need to adapt to the challenges of tomorrow.

How does it work?

Like most things this year, PAKCon is going to be a little different. Although it’s a purely online event, it’s structured in a similar way to last year’s PAKCon conference. We’ll still have “rooms” with different themes, they’ll just be digital. We’re calling them channels and you’ll have a couple to choose from. The conference will be hosted in the Run the World platform, but we’ll also use Wonder to help you socialize - so you won’t miss the opportunity to make spontaneous connections.

Who is it for?

This event is for anyone who is interested in digital innovation, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. You might be an employee of one of our portfolio companies, or you could just be a friend of a friend looking to share knowledge. To register for a ticket, fill out our ticket registration form.



Nina Reicke

Sasserath Munzinger Plus


Tarek Müller

About You


Thuy-Ngan Trinh

Project A Ventures


Erik Siekmann

Digital Forward GmbH


Caroline Weimann



Cornelis Stettner



Our program is packed with ridiculously good content that’s spread across six different channels. Each channel has a different focus. Want to meet people? Check out the networking lounge. Want to get to know our portfolio companies? Try the startup stage. Looking for a masterclass on a certain topic? Head straight to the deep-dive channels. No matter what your motivation, there’s a channel for you. To find out more, click one of our channel descriptions.
The Main Stage
This is the epicentre of the conference. The knowledge hub. You’ll find information and updates on the program as well as interviews with guests, keynote speakers and sponsors. It’ll be informal and conversational with a bit of fun sprinkled in for good measure.
Startup Stage
This is the place for investors to connect with founders. We’ll have leaders from many of our portfolio companies pitching their latest ideas. They’ll be interviewed by our venture coaches to give you an in-depth idea of how each company ticks. We’ll also have other investment-related content such as advice on how to get funded, how to pitch effectively and insights from guest speakers outside of Project A.
Talent lounge
This is your chance to meet the recruiters from our Talent Acquisition team. When you apply for a ticket, select the option to indicate that you’re interested in an interview. Our recruiters will help you discover the full range of career opportunities at Project A and our portfolio companies. It doesn’t matter what seniority level you are, we’ll make time for you — we're open to graduates and mid-level candidates as well as people looking for senior and director positions. We’ll also have talks on how to get hired and how to become an investment manager, so you won’t want to miss it. Our team, Szilvia Ovari, Mirela Stefan, Molly Barrett, Yvonne Wahrmann, Sara Hoxhaj, Nastja Kastelic and Andrea Althaus, are very much looking forward to getting to know you!
Deep Dive Sessions
This is the heart and soul of PAKCon. It’s where we go deep on all the topics that are essential for growth— from tech and product, to marketing and branding. If you’re a seasoned professional who wants to power up your knowledge, this is the place for you. Each session will be a compact 20-min masterclass run by a renowned expert or an up-and-coming talent. There’s so much knowledge for you to soak up, we’re putting it in four dedicated channels. And keep you on your toes, we’ll have content in a range of formats such as traditional talks, panel discussions, more informal “fireside chats” and maybe even a fun activity or two.
Cocktail Party
Here’s your chance to virtually mingle and make new connections. During the Cocktail Party, you’ll be matched with other attendees for a five-minute 1-on-1 video conversation. You can join the ongoing Cocktail Party at any time and will be matched with other interesting people as soon as the next matching round starts.
Networking Lounge via Wonder
Our Networking Lounge is another great way to connect with your peers. In this session, you’ll see a live stream of the activities in our networking area on Wonder and you’ll also find a link that enables you to join the virtual room on Wonder. See our FAQs for more details.


Knowledge Partners

Media Partners

Taster Session

How is PAKCon going to feel when it’s purely online? We wanted to know too — so we ran a short taster session. On a Friday evening in August, we invited a small group of speakers and participants to come and try out the new format. It was a blast! Here are a few impressions from that night to whet your appetite.

You’ve never been to PAKCon before? Then check out this recap of our 2019 event. Naturally, the format is different this year — but our talks will be just as engaging and insightful.