Jun 16, 2020


Press Release

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Berlin, 16. June 2020 – According to a study by the management consultancy Opitz Müller & Partner, Project A is the best venture capital company in Germany.

"The entire Project A team is delighted with this fantastic award. On behalf of the General Partners I would like to thank all our employees, entrepreneurs and partners for their hard and successful work over the past years", says Uwe Horstmann, General Partner and co-founder of Project A.

"In 2012, we started Project A to find unique start-ups throughout Europe and work with them to successfully shape the digital transformation of their industry. I am pleased that we have already succeeded in doing this in some areas," Uwe Horstmann continues.

Project A is involved with more than 60 companies in Europe and around the world. These include, for example, the smartphone broker TradeRepublic and the telemedicine service provider KRY, which has grown significantly during the Corona pandemic.

"From the very beginning, it has been our aim not only to invest but also to support our portfolio companies in a variety of ways and thus maximize their chances of success," says Uwe Horstmann, underlining Project A's approach as "operational VC".

Andreas Müller, the author of the study by Opitz Müller & Partner, stated: "In the case of highly innovative start-up companies, venture capitalists (VCs) are now taking a different path from the classic financial investor. They continuously support their portfolio companies in activities that no longer have anything to do with primarily financially driven aspects, for example, personnel recruitment, sales, marketing, or IT. As the first-placed company in our study, Project A has taken on a pioneering role here in Germany, whose example is followed by other competitors".

Download a summary of the study (PDF, German only) here.

About Project A

Project A is one of the leading venture capital companies in Europe with offices in Berlin, Munich, and Stockholm. In addition to $500 million in assets under management, Project A provides its portfolio companies with a wide range of operational support services. This includes more than 100 employees, all of them experts in software development, business intelligence, sales, marketing, recruiting, etc.

Project A was founded in 2012 and since then has supported more than 60 start-ups in 12 countries. The portfolio includes companies such as Catawiki, WorldRemit, Homeday, Spryker, sennder, KRY, Trade Republic, and Voi. For more information visit