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Berlin, 10.6.2021. Project A announces several new seed investments underlining its position as a leading early stage tech investor in Europe. The investments include the workplace collaboration platform butter, Knowunity a learning platform for and by students, priceloop, a data driven pricing solution, and data streaming analytics platform Quix.

“Project A specializes in these pre-seed and seed rounds, investing early on in very promising tech ideas and strong founder teams displayed here by butter, Knowunity, priceloop and Quix. With our operational team, we can additionally support the growth of these companies and bridge any gaps that might arise in the early stage", says Uwe Horstmann, General Partner of Project A Ventures.

About the investments

butter is an all-in-one workshop tool that allows facilitators to prepare, run and debrief their workshops and trainings all from one place. Equipped with different collaboration tools like Miro and Google Drive and presettable native tools like agenda, polls and breakouts, Butter allows facilitators to put their energy back into having delightful and collaborative sessions with ease. Co-founded by Jakob Knutzen, Christopher-Holm Hansen and Adam Wan, its mission is to make virtual workshops 10x better than live ones. Project A has invested in Butter’s $3.2M seed stage to help enable the Butter team to scale their product, business and user base.

Knowunity is the learning platform for and by students, enabling them to solve any learning problem in just one app. The Knowunity app includes more than 65,000 pieces of user generated learning content, such as summaries, learning aids or explanations - available free of charge in all topics and subjects. Experienced students can upload their content, help other students and build up a follower base with their knowledge. Knowunity is the fastest growing learning platform in Germany, with 1 million app downloads and ranking top 3 in the educational app charts. Project A leads the seed investment funding round of €2M.

priceloop enables eCommerce and retail companies to be more successful by using data-driven pricing decisions. The solution is based on a machine-learning model, which continuously learns and improves. The founders Dr. Richard Schwenke and Dat Tran have created a solution that is data-efficient and transparent from demand function to final price.

Quix is a real-time streaming analytics platform. Quix changes the way data is handled and processed - from a database centric approach to a stream centric approach, connecting Python developers to real time data streams. The company has an ambitious vision to ensure that any organisation, large or small, can quickly take advantage of and immediately act on their data insights at lower costs with a smaller environmental impact. The £2.3M seed round is led by Project A, with participation from Passion Capital and angel investors.

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