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  • Defence
  • Dual Use
  • AI

Berlin, 19 September 2023. Project A leads a €1.15m pre-seed round for ARX, a defence technology manufacturer specialising in developing autonomous unmanned systems for dual-use applications.

ARX builds and operates autonomous Single-to-Multi-Use robots for various applications. The goal is to help soldiers and civilian first responders make better decisions and take more effective action in life-threatening situations. The company’s small to medium-sized autonomous robots are based on a universal robotic platform that allows for flexible add-on and payload solutions for the UGV depending on different training and defence-related scenarios. 

For defence use cases, ARX robots can serve as a simulation and training tool in live fire exercises and for collecting critical data in the field. In the future, ARX AI-powered software will let its robots autonomously function in a swarm so that they support each other in case one system breaks down.

For commercial and civilian users such as civilian emergency services, ARX can access rough terrain and for example, transport mobile relays in disaster regions to provide internet connectivity.

Uwe Horstmann, General Partner at Project A: "ARX has the potential to become a European player in the field of unmanned autonomous ground vehicles for military and civilian purposes. ARX convinced us with a unique combination of hardware and software, a wide scenario of potential dual-use applications and vast expert knowledge within the team."