Feb 8, 2023


Press Release

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Berlin, 08.02.2023. Project A leads the $6M seed investment for Growblocks, a Copenhagen-based company which helps organizations to make revenue more predictable. Growblocks has created a revenue planning and execution platform for companies that want to predict and manage their sales and growth. The company was founded in 2021 by Toni Hohlbein, Olafur Palsson, and Andrew Dahl.

Software-as-a-service companies have a hard time understanding how their revenues are created. Relying solely on budgets and business targets fails to account for how different segments, markets, and people perform.

Growblocks fixes the problem by putting a company’s real-time data funnel at work in a data-driven and scientific way to create robust bottom-up revenue plans. Commercial teams use it to create predictable revenue plans, conduct quarterly business reviews, and track performance against targets and initiatives.