Dec 14, 2023


Press Release

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Berlin, 14.12.2023. Project A invests in Cologne-based Metycle, a digital platform for international secondary metal trade. Partech co-invests in the $5M seed funding round.

Metycle’s managed marketplace handles the entire trading process of secondary metals. The company connects collectors of secondary metals with metal recyclers and metal smelters to enable the most efficient, trusted and convenient flow of secondary metals globally.

Metal recycles forever without quality loss. Recycled metals have a 60-95% lower CO2 footprint than primary metals making Metycle a driver for greater sustainability and towards a carbon neutral world.

"We are incredibly excited to support the team behind Metycle, as they possess the industry experience that we deem crucial for unlocking this immense opportunity within the metal recycling industry. The team's remarkable progress within a short span of time serves as a true testament to their exceptional execution capabilities", says Philipp Werner, Partner at Project A.