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Berlin, 30.09.2021. Project A announces two new seed investment financing rounds. The investments include the no-code software platform Heyflow and the confidential computing startup Profian.

Heyflow is a no-code software to build, design and integrate clickflows. Heyflow solves the growing challenge companies face when trying to design high-converting user experiences, fast and cost-efficiently. The no-code platform empowers marketeers, product managers and business owners to build, integrate, and analyze personalized user acquisition and onboarding flows without writing any code. Heyflow has closed a $6 million seed financing round led by Project A Ventures with the participation of Atlantic Labs and several angel investors. heyflow.app

Profian is a confidential computing startup company aimed at making cloud computing more secure. The cybersecurity startup offers companies to bring cryptographic proof and verifiable trust to general computing using confidential computing, the protection of data in use by performing computation in a hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment. The $5 million seed round was co-led by Project A Ventures and Illuminate Financial, and included several angel investors. profian.com