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London, 22.11.2023. Project A leads the seed funding round for relay, a tech-enabled delivery network, empowering businesses to grow and elevate their e-commerce operations. The company provides an end-to-end parcel delivery service - including the first, middle and last miles - from e-commerce retailers' warehouses to consumers' doorsteps. Relay’s technology first delivery model is built for efficiency, scalability, and convenience, re-wiring the critical delivery infrastructure to address the growth of e-commerce.

Relay’s disruptive service is built on a network of asset-free hyper-local partners, made up of urban pitstops and couriers. Thanks to this model, Relay is able to significantly reduce traditional logistics overheads, such as suburban area depots and sorting centres, that incumbents still rely on, making parcel deliveries quicker, more efficient and more sustainable.

Philipp Werner, Partner at Project A, says: "The parcel delivery landscape remains rooted in the pre-digital era. It's time for a delivery solution built for the e-commerce age. We believe this can only be achieved by addressing the entire value chain, rather than just innovating the 'last mile'. Relay's lean operational model, coupled with the team's exceptional industry knowledge and technology-centric approach, promises to radically disrupt the status quo in parcel delivery.”

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