We partner with tech entrepreneurs at the pre-idea stage.

Project A Studio: Where operational excellence meets entrepreneurial spirit.

Studio success stories

Studio success stories

"Collaborating with Project A's Studio gave us an unfair edge during ideation and validation."

The full stack blue-collar workforce development platform efficiently sources, employs, develops and dispatches trades talent. Project A was a trusted ideation partner and facilitated valuable introductions to potential customers of the German Mittelstand. Our product and tech team helped the co-founders design a tech architecture and pick the best tools along the value chain.


"The Studio has challenged and pushed us and developed ARX into a different, better company."

ARX is a dual-use technology manufacturing company that specializes in developing autonomous unmanned systems and sensors for governmental and commercial purposes. Frequent sparring sessions enabled a clear strategic outlook for the company and the Project A design team developed an outstanding website for the public launch.


"The Studio exceeded our expectations. Operational support and tailored resources were invaluable during our early stage."

11x is an AI & automation company that builds best-in-class autonomous digital workers. Through weekly sparring sessions, we provided strategic alignment and facilitated user engagement. Our design team assisted in refining a compelling pitch deck, while a Sales Associate supported hands-on to enhance existing sales efforts.


"Project A contributed to our idea validation and fundraising efforts through their operational expertise and hands-on support."

Enapi builds the clearing house for the EV Charging industry, enabling cross-stakeholder collaboration. As a GTM, they establish the de-facto standard for transaction brokerage in the space. Project A played a crucial role in the nascent stages of idea validation, offering hands-on assistance to the team in establishing their front-end Minimum Viable Product (MVP), alongside contributing to the recruitment of first hires.


"We highly recommend the Studio to any founder starting a company and wanting to have long term partners alongside their journey."

Copay operates in the construction fintech space. From the get-go, the collaboration between the founder and Project A has been instrumental in shaping a business strategy in the construction industry. We started with the founders from 0 and are now looking forward to accompany them to 1 and beyond.


Reliable partners from vision to venture

Reliable partners from vision to venture

We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs as early as in the ideation phase. For discovery and validation there is no one-size fits all. Hence, our Studio is a personalised platform for collaboration. No cohorts, no timeline, no blueprints, no strings attached. Designed to give you the unfair advantage of having Project A as your trusted partner from day one: 

  • Investment sparring

    Ideate with a dedicated investment professional and expert in your area of interest, complemented by insights of our Partners and C-level executives.
  • Founders Associate

    Your Swiss Army knife supports you with ideation, interviews, market sizing, pitch deck setup and design, market research, and (angel) fundraising support.
  • Network

    Gain access to an extensive network of our portfolio companies, LPs, the German Mittelstand and a variety of corporates as well as Angels and co-investors.
  • Operational support

    Up to 80h hands-on support from our 130 operational experts in product & engineering, data, design, brand, marketing, sales, and talent acquisition.
  • Co-founder search

    Our talent acquisition experts and Founders Associates support you in finding the right co-founder with complementary skills.
  • Office space

    As you navigate through this transition phase, we welcome you to work from our offices in the heart of Berlin.
  • Pre-seed investment

    Post a successful collaboration, we aim to lead your Pre-Seed investment round, offering competitive, founder-friendly terms that align with industry standards.

Working with founders pre-idea and pre-validation

Working with founders pre-idea and pre-validation

The Project A Studio team is collaborating with experienced operators and entrepreneurs at the pre-idea or pre-validation stage. We value founders who can demonstrate fast execution, sharp prioritisation skills, and the ability to compellingly articulate their vision. We support the discovery and validation of your ideas in a conducive atmosphere in which you always take the driver’s seat. Concurrently, we facilitate a move towards a founder-friendly pre-seed investment, with our role being that of the lead investor.

Sounds interesting? Reach out to us!

Sounds interesting? Reach out to us!

Climate & Energy

"Throughout the past few years of investing into climate and energy startups, what has truly excited us is the exceptional caliber of teams committed to the sector. We're enthusiastic about any initiatives that build towards a cleaner, more sustainable and resilient planet. Whether it's advancements in energy efficiency and storage, innovative climate management solutions tailored for high-emission industries like construction, or cutting-edge technologies such as green materials and industrial-grade decarbonization, we're eager to work with founders that are as excited as us about driving meaningful change and rethinking the venture capital model to drive that."


Global Supply Chains

"Current macro trends underscore the critical need for resilient and highly responsive supply chains. I'm keen to collaborate with founders targeting the vast, yet under-digitized sectors of procurement, manufacturing, as well as intra and transport logistics, identifying novel ways to supply chain planning and optimization, or creating B2B marketplaces that unify these areas. The time to redefine the backbone of global commerce with a tech-first approach is now!"



"Over the next few years, high calibre founders will actively build to improve European resilience. As geopolitical tensions rise, European nations are urgently looking to upgrade their defense mechanisms and infrastructure resilience against a growing array of threats. This urgency creates an unprecedented opportunity for innovative startups in DefenceTech and DeepTech, backed by substantial government support and investment. For tech investors, this represents a strategic growth opportunity to tap into a sector that not only promises the best operator talents but is also essential for European national security and resilience."


Financial Technology

"Consumer fintechs have spearheaded innovation in payments, banking and investment, followed by a surge of technologies aimed at enhancing accessibility, efficiency and risk management for businesses, particularly SMBs. A third wave of embedded finance seeks to elevate user experience, streamline transactions and offer tailored financial products within non-financial platforms. At Project A, we have proudly supported entrepreneurs behind each wave of democratisation. The most discerning, high-calibre founders will continue the journey towards financial empowerment, driving economic development and promoting financial inclusion on the way."


Emerging technologies

"If you are passionate about other areas, which might not even fit within standard industry definitions, I would love to ideate together! I am particularly excited about vertical LAM across entreprise, industrial and healthcare applications."