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Berlin, 10.02.2022. Armira Growth and Project A invest €30M in the customer service platform yoummday. yoummday is an all-in-one solution for customer experience which brings the new work model into the world of customer services. Using yoummday’s w@h OS, companies have access to a large pool of customer service talents who work flexibly from home to offer the best possible support for clients.

Traditional contact centres for customer service often work on the same principle: Brick and mortar cubicle offices and fixed working hours, a situation which is also associated with inflexibility, lack of motivation and low pay for employees. At the same time requirements for customer service agents are increasing while manpower shortages and cost reductions put pressure on the industry.

yoummday takes a completely different approach. Using a comprehensive technology platform, yoummday configures and controls a work@home operating system which gives customers access to more than 35.000 registered multilingual talents from over 65 countries worldwide. The platform automatically matches talents with customers when they fulfil the requirements profile for their project. Thus agents remain flexible and receive better payment whereas companies have access to the talent they need and manage all operating processes via yoummday’s technology.

The growth funding which is a private equity co-investment of Armira Growth and Project A, is going to be used to scale the company’s technology and expand the business internationally by acquiring traditional call centers in Europe and integrating them in the yoummday w@h OS platform.

Florian Heinemann states: "We believe yoummday has cracked the biggest problem in customer service as traditional contact centres have outlived themselves. yoummday, with its platform-based new work model, has the potential to tap into any market and scale customer service for companies, small or large, at any given time."