Our partners have started, run and financed numerous successful companies in Europe and the US. Over the years, we have built an extensive international network of affiliated entrepreneurs, growth investors, executives, large technology companies and service providers. There is hardly a relevant introduction to follow-on investors, potential clients or strategic partners that we are not in a position to make.

Our Team has invested in companies like Zalando, Trivago, Citydeal/Groupon, Global Fashion Group, ClassPass, Audibene, Thrillist, Jaunt VR, Now This, and

Since we started with our unconventional VC approach in 2012, we have been passionately pursuing our vision of supporting ambitious founders not only financially but also with hands-on assistance from our operational team, in order to put them on the path to long-term success. We are very grateful that supporters from the very beginning like the Otto Group and family put their trust in our plans back then and still continue to do so today. We look forward to further driving and shaping the European digital sector and startup culture of the future together with numerous new investors.

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