AI Booking Platform for Business Travel




Michael Riegel, Jannik Neumann, Marko Schilde and Slobodan Utvic


Series A


Berlin (Germany)


Booking Platform / Travel Tech

Comtravo makes booking and managing business trips as simple as sending an email. Comtravo’s software translates text requests such as email into structured queries using natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence technology to provide the best travel options for individual travelers based on specified preferences as well as previous booking behavior. This way, users can quickly book personalized offers with one click directly in the email.

Comtravo was founded in July 2015 by Michael Riegel, Jannik Neumann, Marko Schilde and Slobodan Utvic together with a highly experienced team of travel and tech veterans. By now, Comtravo is employing a team of 45 people, half of it focusing on their AI technology and the product. More than 200 companies, mainly headquartered in Germany, are already working with Comtravo, e.g. Hellofresh, Viessmann or Fexcom.

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