Spryker Systems

E-Commerce Technology For Category Leaders




Germany: Hamburg & Berlin


Alexander Graf, Nils Seebach, Boris Lokschin, Fabian Wesner


Joint Venture


E-Commerce Enabling Technologies

Spryker Systems provides the proprietary commerce framework Spryker, a customizable and scalable solution for corporations. The company was founded in November 2014 by Nils Seebach and Alexander Graf as a Joint Venture with Project A Ventures. Based on PHP architecture and with its modular approach, Spryker enables retailers to quickly adapt, scale and innovate their digital business. Individual requirements can easily be integrated in order to meet customer needs, including data driven approaches in the fields of Business Intelligence, CRM, and Online Marketing. Spryker has been developed under the leadership of Project A's CTO Fabian Wesner as well as co-founder and Managing Director Dr. Florian Heinemann. The framework has been deployed for numerous successful e-commerce businesses such as Tirendo, nu3 or Contorion.

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